Privacy Policy

Green Land Nursery which offers varieties of landscaping and nursery services will systematically follow the privacy policies and preserve the data shared by the visitors carefully and take severe legal actions against those who breach the laws that form part of digital, internet and social media marketing. 

Collection and Preservation of Sensitive Data

This website which is maintained by Green land nursery will follow all the laws that govern online marketing. We may collect individuals or company names and also their emails and other related records if the necessity arises. This website reserves the right to utilize the data collected from various sources for website research, cookies and analytics purpose. 

Green Land Nursery reserves the rights to share the sensitive data collected from visitors, customers and others to governing authorities if in case the need arises. We assure you that our team of professionals will safeguard all the data collected from cyber-attacks, malware and other external threats. We will monitor all the activities that happen on our website and take suitable legal actions if illegal transactions or intentional breaches take place. 

We will file a legal suit in local courts and fight for justice when scammers, criminals and others involve in malicious activities and swindle our data. 

Publication of Pornographic or Terrorizing videos 

We strictly follow code of conduct and never share pornographic materials, videos related to terrorism or weapons of war that is created with an intention to terrorizing the viewers and citizens. 

We have installed cyber security devices, anti-virus software and spyware to reduce the malware and cyber-attacks. We also take legal actions against publishing unlawful or illegal publication materials, videos and contents which are prohibited by law.

Subscriptions and letters

We will regularly send newsletters, videos and all other updates to the members who have subscribed to us through email and other time-tested methods. Subscribers can discontinue their subscriptions at any point of time after giving proper intimations via mail and other proper channels of communication. 

Backlinks and Website Links

It is imperative to note that our website contains backlinks and other links that may appear in other third-party websites. We do not claim any responsibilities for any practices and procedures of such third-party websites. 

Maintenance of Security Devices

We will store all your valuable data in hard drives and other secured storage devices and safeguard them from misuse, loss, theft and unauthorized access. We also use SSL authentication for collecting money from our customers, vendors and other people who are directly or indirectly connected to our business. 

Update of Software and Changes in Privacy Policy

Green Land Nursery reserves the right to modify, edit and upgrade the privacy policies at any time without any intimation to visitors, third parties, affiliates and others. We advise everyone to explore our terms and conditions, privacy policies and other rules and regulations.