Terms & Conditions

Green Land Nursery which supports the nature and environment promises to follow and strives hard to reduce the global carbon footprints in various ways. We offer a wide range of landscaping, nursery, garden and land leveling services. 

We strictly abide and adhere to the laws of the land and also the terms and conditions that are agreed upon at the time of entering into the contract. We will try our level best and work relentlessly to satisfy the gardening and landscaping requirements of our customers. 

Our service executives, landscapers, contractors, engineers and all others who are involved directly in the service contract will not deviate from the roles and responsibilities and do their works with a positive mindset and according to the directions and expectations of the clients. 

Legal Disputes and Arbitration

Disputes, if any, related to the execution of contract should be brought to the notice of the top management, and supervisors which shall be resolved amicably through proper arbitration methods. Aggrieved parties should file the case in the nearest court and the counsels from both sides will fight for justice in the court of law. 

The judgments pronounced by the court shall be final and appeals by either party will be fought in higher courts. We will make all efforts to resolve the dispute and grievance out of the court and build the best relationship with all our customers at all times. 

Notice of Cancellation of Services

Notice of cancellation of gardening and landscaping services should be sent through proper channels like emails, posts, and notices failing which the aggrieved party may take the case to the next level or through courts. 

Disciplinary Proceedings and Sexual Harassments

Both parties should follow the highest morale right from the execution of contract till culmination of works. Sexual advancement or harassing may lead to the cancellation of a contract and/or filing the case in court of law. 

Claiming the Dues and Final Settlements

We have every right to claim our service fees as agreed upon at the time of signing of contract. Intentional breach of contract or non-settlement of dues may result in court proceedings. We will commence our work promptly at the scheduled time and date and complete the same before the deadline and claim our fees after the successful completion of the contract. 

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

We will strictly adhere to all the terms and conditions listed above and expect the visitors to take them seriously. Incase, you are unhappy with all the terms and conditions and privacy policies, we request you to stay away from our websites and use other websites that meet your exact expectations.